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Kenneth Rogoff

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Keneth Rogoff war ein talentierter Grossmeister in den 70er, der als fast verarmter Schachspieler eine Karriere in Economy startete.

Jezt ein paar Jahrzente später ist er 58 und Professor of Economics an der Harvard University, war Chefökonom des IMF und ist der Bestellerautor von "This Time Is Different".

Die Financial Times publizierte kürzlich ein Interview mit Rogoff, wo Schach ein Hauptthema war. Das ganze Interview findet ihr hier.

Ein Auszug aus dem Artikel:

Improbably, for a future Harvard professor, (Rogoff) was also a high school dropout. “A lot of my last years of high school, I essentially missed,” he says. “I just played chess, I did nothing else.”

“I was living kind of a bohemian lifestyle. I would be playing chess in top tournaments in five-star hotels and then sometimes sleeping in railway stations, because I wasn’t making much money. Or maybe just because I was stupid.”

When he was 18, Rogoff met and played Anatoly Karpov, who was 20 at the time and later became world champion. “He was meant to be an English major, so I went up to speak to him, and it was quite clear he didn’t speak any English.” So how did they communicate? “I had taught myself some Russian, so I could read chess books. “Karpov,” he recalls admiringly, “just understood chess, so well.” Rogoff concluded that although he could certainly beat Karpov in individual games, he was unlikely to best him consistently.