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News from Amsterdam from Boudy...

veröffentlicht um 11.02.2018, 09:00 von Admin Nimzowitsch   [ aktualisiert: 11.02.2018, 09:02 ]

Last friday we had a 'blitz chess for pairs' tournament, and I was paired to an originally Brazilian guy, who has the reputation of playing blitz chess even in his regular games, usually with disastrous results. So every 'strong' player was paired to a 'weak' player, and I was considered strong (rating 1831) and he weak (ca 1500), but his blitz chess performance is much better. And this evening my 'Bluffschach' worked out well 😃 So we won the tournament and a chess set made of chocolate, which I gave to him for his kids, and each of us chose a bottle of red Argentinian wine.

The format is: each pair A+B plays 2 games against another pair C+D (so A-C, D-B) and then a game where every player alternates in moving (so A plays f.e. 1.e4, C 1...e5, B 2.Nf3 and D 2...Nc6). So every pair could score 1 matchpoint and max 3 board points. Pairing was done using a Swiss(!) pairing system. 

I am quite sure this will lead to hilarious events too once tried at Nimzo 😉